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Covering Aretha (Since You’ve Been Gone X 2)

July 16, 2009


David T Walker



Listen – David T Walker – Since You’ve Been Gone – MP3″

Listen -Tommy Wills – Since You’ve Been Gone – MP3″

Greetings all.

The tunes I bring you today arrived in the to-be-blogged bin in a roundabout way, i.e. I picked up the records from which they hail for other tracks, and just happened to get these in the bargain. I was sitting, digi-ma-tizing vinyl and realized that I had just recorded two different (both cool) version of Aretha Franklin’s ‘(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone’, and naturally, the large portion of my brain used to sorting these kinds of things demanded that I gather both of them into a single blog post, so that you, the listening audience in the blog-o-mos-phere, might derive the same level of enjoyment from them that I have.
The first of these is the flip side of a track included in the recent ‘Getting the Corners’ edition of Funky16Corners Radio. Tommy Wills was a saxophonist who operated out of western Ohio and Indiana during the 60s and 70s. His take on ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ – for some reason credited to Jerry Waxler (sic) –  is, as was the a-side – a little on the lo-fi side, but the band gives the tune a spirited reading, with Wills sax, organ and drums (way down in the mix). It’s not hard to imagine Wills and his band sharpening the arrangement on a tiny bandstand somewhere.
The second version I bring you today is by guitarist David T. Walker is a somewhat more sophisticated affair, with what sounds like at least one more channel of stereo, a full band, and Walker’s jazzy guitar style. I have to admit that Walker was a rather late discovery for me, and I dig his take on the whole soul jazz thing.
It’s just a great song, laid down very nicely by two different instrumentalists, and I thought you might dig it.
I’ll be back on Monday with some funk.

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