Attack of the Evil Kidney 2 (Electric Boogaloo)


Greetings all!
Guess here I’m writing this?
In the goddamn, motherf&%$#! hospital, that’s where.
As I mentioned last week I had been in for a “minor” (heh heh…) procedure related to my ongoing kidney issues. Well, I get out of the hospital, and over the course of the next week I start feeling not so good, I call my doctor, describe the symptoms and the next thing you know, bob’s yer uncle and I’m back in a hospital bed.
The catch this time is that I have been nephrostomy-fied, which means I have a tube leading from my kidney (I only have the one), out my back and into a lovely rubber bag. It will remain thus for the next few days until they go back in, put back in ANOTHER stent (look it up) and set me free once again like a rogue bear being helicoptered into the wild.
I have had just about enough of this shit, but there’s not much I can do about it.
The one little ray of sunshine is that I just discovered quite accidentally that the hospital has a wi-fi connection, so I am able to alleviate the positively soul numbing boredom of this place by communicating with you all via the interwebs.
I’ll be here until at least Tuesday, so I am going to attempt to get my Monday posts together, and will be monitoring the blog.
Wish me well.


24 Responses to “Attack of the Evil Kidney 2 (Electric Boogaloo)”

  1. PJ Gray Says:

    Get well quick man….. Boston is pulling for ya.


  2. Jasper Says:

    Hey, Larry! Get well soon! Lots of luck and I hope boredom won’t be striking down too hard..
    Greetings from Groningen, the Netherlands.

  3. jb Says:

    WiFi has to be a big improvement over one of those hospital TVs that has only six channels. Feel better . . .

  4. funky16corners Says:

    Dude…they don’t even have Nickelodeon of Disney so I can watch cartoons. They do however have several useless sports channels….

  5. kingskunk45 Says:

    keep your stick on the ice , brother-man…….and get well soon. .. at least you aren’t catheterized or stuck with a colostomy bag. . it can always get worse,…. somebody could scrub your wax with sandpaper

  6. Joe Booktruck Says:

    Aw man, hospital sucks. At least with wifi you can read your own blog and listen to the tasty music. Hope you’re back to the land of free peeing soon.

  7. Boom Star Pee Says:

    Get well soon. Hospital is a necessary but nevertheless horrible place; it makes you feel utterly powerless and dependent. That’s why there are so few songs about hospitals, I guess. Lots of tunes about all kinds of doctors (what about nurses?), but never about their grim dwellings. Anyway, I hope your kidney troubles will be history after this episode. High five,

  8. gwrach_du Says:

    Hey Larry,
    I hope you get better soon & I hope music helps.
    And by the way, as this is my 1st comment here, this site is wonderful !
    F16C fan from France

  9. euclidcreek Says:

    Rest and let mother nature heal you. Best wishes…

  10. ecritsurduvent Says:

    Tried to think of some uplifting words of wisdom plucked from some great R’n’B/soul track, but realised that you’d do way better in that department. So I’ll just stumble back on the run-of-the-mill get-better-soon wishes, hoping the heartfelt sincerity somehow makes up for the triteness of the phrasing.
    Taking the opportunity too to underscore how thrilling your site is – endless crop of hip-shaking discoveries, clear and elegant writing, the boiling restless undercurrent of passion driving it all…

  11. Vic Says:

    Get well soon Larry. We’re all counting on you for the next exciting installment!

    Vic in the UK

  12. Mikel J Says:

    You get well soon…. Or Else!

  13. David M. Says:

    Get yourself better soon…We need our Ambassador of Funk to keep it coming our way…

    Best to you,
    David M.

  14. Joe Wroblewski Says:

    Get well soon!

    Take advantage of the wi-fi and spend your day watching funky youtube clips:

  15. Molly Says:

    Get well soon man!

  16. Brad W Says:

    Speedy recovery sir! Thanks for all the magnificent posts.

  17. Soulicious Says:

    Get Well Soon my man!

    Keep on keepin on as the great Mr. Mayfield would say.

  18. Len-In-Moscow Says:

    Get well Larry.

  19. soulboogiealex Says:

    I hadn’t read the blog for a while, so I missed your incarceration. Roam free soon!

  20. LBD Says:

    Hey Larry, I’m a long time follower of the site. I hope you get well soon.

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  22. Scott Says:

    From one kidney patient and funk fan to another, hope you mend quick. I’m not where you are yet, but I will be…

  23. Basement Productions Says:

    Larry, i just want to let you know how much i appreciate you opening my eyes to new great music i would never have a chance to hear. my health is deteriorating fast due to having diabetes for over 24 years. my kidneys are not doing too well, and i feel for you and wish you the best in recovery. thanks for putting a smile on my face, the music can help make anyone feel good if they can just groove and let their mind go. good luck with treatment and stay strong. your blog is extra groovy. peace.

    Basement Productions

  24. funky16corners Says:

    Jesse (and everyone else)
    Thanks for the kind words, about my health and the blog. It’s greatly appreciated.

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