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Greetings all.

How about something quick and funky for the middle of the week?
My medical incarceration continues – my escape delayed for at least a day (no fault of my kidneys, but rather getting bumped from a schedule at a busy hospital). I may (keeping my fingers crossed) be out sometime on Wednesday, but don’t be shocked if I make my end of week post from here. It seems the harder I struggle to get out, the deeper I sink. Like I said, my health right now is OK (aside from the rogue stone that caused this visit, which will be pulverized in the coming weeks) but I have to get a qualified professional to remove the tube from my back before I can go home.
I would like to thank everyone who has sent along good wishes for the restoration and continuation (thanks RM) of my health. It means a lot.
But, back to the music….
The song – of course – if of average length. The information I’ve been able to track down about it is not.
Some months back my man Haim dropped a set-sale list my way, and as usual there was plenty of goodness to be had. After I made my selections and moved on to the check-out line, Haim said he also had some “less pristine” copies of a very heavy record, and asked if I’d be interested in one of them.
Now, when Haim says that a record is hot, naturally I take his word for it. The man has hepped me to so many quality records that his reputation is unimpeachable. However, if it is possible for something to be extra/super unimpeachable, such a thing is his grading, i.e., when he says a record is less than perfect, it is generally about two grades better than most people’s stuff. That said, when the record in question found its way into the mailbox, and onto the turntable I just about flipped my wig, since ‘Stop and Think’ by Danny Delaney is a slice of stone solid funkiness.
It is also one of the most lead-less records I’ve ever encountered. I haven’t been able to discover anything about it, aside from the fact that it was also issued on the Seeda label. When I saw that I figured I could see who else recorded for Seeda, and I might be able to follow something from there. The only problem with that is that I can’t find anyone else who recorded for Seeda, nor for that matter anyone else who recorded for Palmetto. The name ‘Palmetto’ suggests to me that we might be dealing with something from the South Atlantic coast, i.e. South Carolina, Georgia or Florida, but I can’t say for sure, and there’s no address on the label.
A dead end….aside of course for the fact that this is a very funky record, with plenty of organ, popping horns, a great vocal by Delaney and a tasty change-up toward the end. If I had to guess I’d place this in the area of 1971 or 1972, but things being what they are it could be one or two years in either direction (earlier or later, that is).
If anyone out there has anything to add, please drop me a line and pass it along.
I would be much obliged.



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  1. Mr Double Down Says:

    Get well soon boss!

    Mr DD

  2. Trunk of F.U.N.K. Says:

    Get well soon! and thanks for posting yet another killer 45 for the want lists.

  3. avocado kid Says:

    thanks and good luck with the medical stuff!

  4. TrentMakz Says:

    Get well soon, I had the “pleasure” of a stone in August last year…nooo fun at all. Hang in there. And thanks for all the good stuff – all the time!

  5. maxwell Says:

    Nice tune. That thing is popping! Feel better.

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