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The Georgia O’Keefe steez is palpable…


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Greetings all.

I managed to get some time set aside for a midweek post, despite the fact that I thought I’d never get my records together for the DC gigs. I’m limiting myself to my 45 flight case, a small box of jazz 45s (for the Jazz Corner set) and a bag of LPs. It sounds like a lot, but I’ll be doing a 5 hour set at Marvin on Friday night, and want to have enough to go where the mood (my own and that of the room) takes me.
That said, if you’re in the Washington, DC area on Wednesday or Friday nights and want to hear some good music, maybe even cut yourself a slice of rug, see the flyers below for all the pertinent information, i.e. dates, times, locations etc. It’d be very cool to meet some of you.
The tune I bring you today was a complete surprise when I found it on my last trip to the nation’s capitol. I was already – thanks to be hepped to it by my man DJ Prestige – the proud owner of the Mystic Moods funky opus ‘Cosmic Sea’ and assumed (and I’m not alone on this point) that it was the only thing worth picking up (at least for DJ-ing purposes) in their extensive catalog; a funky aberration, if you will.
I found this 45, pulled it out to be previewed on the store’s turntable, and once I gave it a listen placed it at the top of my ‘keeper’ pile.
The Mystic Moods Orchestra was the brainchild of a cat named Brad Miller, an engineer with a taste for creating soundscapes, who later went on to found the audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. From the mid-60s on, Miller, along with a host of collaborators created an oeuvre aimed at providing a soundtrack for seduction (one need only scope out the Mystic Moods album covers to understand this).
The tune I bring you today, ‘Midnight Snack’ was a track on the Mystic Moods 1975 ‘Erogenous’ LP . The tune was written (as was ‘Cosmic Sea’) by Don McGinnis and Bob Todd (along with someone named Gillian Michaels). Both McGinnis and Todd had worked extensively with Miller and the Mystic Moods, McGinnis having previously done arranging for both Boyce & Hart and the Monkees.
‘Midnight Snack’ has a great funky disco vibe, with some of the clavinet from ‘Cosmic Sea’ mixed with electric piano and strings and the very cool ascending horn figure. The flipside, ‘Honey Trippin’ is also pretty cool.
I hope you dig the tune. Wish me luck on the road, and I’ll be back on Monday.





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8 Responses to “Mystic Moods – Midnight Snack”

  1. colin Says:

    you’re on fire, my man.

  2. javejavor Says:

    funky, fresh, love the clavinet, the Fender Rhodes (?), the horns and the strings and the percussion. sounds like some 60ies/70ies movie soundtrack or maybe some Blaxploitation stuff.

  3. Brad W Says:

    That’s definitely the key track of the LP – my copy has a cover that’s much more porn-y.

  4. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Definitely worth checking out for sho’!

    Got an email last night from a local cat (DJ Fleg) who has a new funk night called 4 Hours of Funk here in B’more located just past Penn Station… at long last!!! I hipped him to yours and Pres’s blogs in the hopes that maybe we can all travel there and check it out. Who knows… the Asbury Park team may invade Baltimore yet! 😀

    Peace and blessings.

  5. urbanology Says:

    great blog, awesome!
    very fine selection of tunes, love it, keep up the good work

    by the way, my blog:

  6. Boom Star Pee Says:

    Good luck on the road and (in the words of Rakim) make ’em clap to this (and all your other wonderful vinyl) in DC. Have tons of fun!

  7. TG Chicago Says:

    I’m a little bit behind, so I just heard about your (newest) kidney issues. I’m sorry to hear about it, but glad you’re back up and about. Take care, and take it easy on yourself on the road!

  8. loutully Says:

    you may just have the best damn music blog on the internet, keep up the good work. hitting on all cylinders.

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