Funky16Corners Radio v.72 – The Pulse aka the ‘Marvin’ Mix


Funky16Corners Radio v.72 – The Pulse aka the ‘Marvin’ Mix


Titanic – Sultana (CBS)
Santana – Jin-Go-La-Ba (CBS)
Simon Kenyatta Troupe – Soul Makossa (Avco)
Curtis Mayfield – Future Shock (Curtom)
Cymande – Bra (Janus)
Eddie Kendricks – Date With the Rain (Tamla)
Cold Blood – Valdez In the Country (WB)
Rufus – Half Moon (MCA)
Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars Part 1 (Philly Intl)
Hank Ballard & the Midnighters – Freak Your Boom Boom (LeJoint)
Kool & the Gang – More Funky Stuff (Dee Lite)
Disko Band – Pick Up the Pieces (Pickwick)
Gene Faith – Lowdown Melody (Virtue)
Barrett Strong – Stand Up and Cheer For the Preacher (Epic)
Gladys Knight & the Pips – Who Is She (And What Is She To You) (Motown)
Heatwave – Grooveline (Epic)
KC & the Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight (LP Edit) (TK)
Sylvester – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Fantasy)

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Greetings all.

I’m back from DC, and though I’m tired as hell (I feel like I was dragged home behind a truck belching oily smoke) I’d be a liar if I said that I had less than an absolutely amazing time in our nation’s capitol.
First and foremost I have to offer thanks to my gracious hosts DJ Birdman and his lovely wife, who gave me a comfortable bed in which to sleep in addition to all manner of great hospitality.
I spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon in the Funky16Corners-mobile, making extraordinarily good time and arriving in DC a little on the early side. Naturally I took advantage of the hole in my schedule to fall by Som Records on 14th St to say hi to my man DJ Neville C and pick up some fresh vinyl for the upcoming gigs. If you’re in DC and you need a vinyl fix make sure you stop by and tell the man behind the counter that Funky16Corners sent you.
After that it was a quick turnaround to drop off my stuff and head back out with Birdman for the Jazz Corner of the World 5th anniversary party at Cafe St Ex.
I have to take a moment to say that I have been extremely lucky in my DJ travels this year. All of the venues have been next level, and St Ex and Marvin (the places I spun at this week) were no exception. Wonderful spaces, great staff (outstanding cuisine) and all around chill environments made for great experiences.
The Jazz Corner party was a subdued spin on off-the-hook-ness, giving me a chance to DJ alongside Birdman, DC Digga, Fatback, Neville C and a the rest of the crew. The sounds included everything from old school New Orleans jazz, right on through to hard bop and jazz funk (breaks included, natch).
We headed out on Thursday for some Virginia digging, ending up in Richmond where I scored some very cool 45s.
Friday morning we were out digging again where I scored some cool stuff that I ended up taking with me to Marvin that night.
If you make it down to DC, you absolutely MUST make it over to Marvin. I had been to Marvin once before to see DJ Birdman spin but split for my own gig early on. This time out Birdman and I split the night (one hour on/one hour off from 6PM to 3AM), keeping it jazzy and mellow for the first half and then turning up the heat around 10. My first heavy set was mostly funk and breaks, with the later set including a healthy selection of disco.
I got to spin Sylvester’s ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real’ over of a club sound system for the first time and it was a transcendent experience. As stated in this space before it is a positively explosive record, and quite frankly, if you aren’t digging Sylvester you need to get your ass out of the club.
Other highlights of the evening were the sister who lost her mind (she reached into the booth, grabbed me and then screamed!) when I dropped ‘Hot Pants’ by James Brown, everyone who danced (and there WAS dancing!) and the cute girl who asked if there was any chance I would play some Vanilla Ice, to which I responded politely:

Never, under any circumstances.

I was actually able to fulfill a couple of requests (it helps when people request cool songs) and had an absolute blast. Big ups to Sheldon, who runs an absolutely incredible place.
Saturday Birdman took me to some more digging spots and It turned up some excellent stuff, including a couple of soul 45s that I’ve been chasing for a long time.
In honor of the folks at Marvin, I’m dropping this edition of Funky16Corners Radio that includes some of the stuff I played on Friday, some new finds and a couple of old faves. There’s over an hour of funk, disco, funky disco and disco-y funk. I hope you dig it, and I’ll be back later in the week with some breaks and what not.



PS You can check out some pics from Marvin over at the Funky16Corners Facebook Group

PPS – Make sure to fall by Iron Leg for some sunshine pop

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8 Responses to “Funky16Corners Radio v.72 – The Pulse aka the ‘Marvin’ Mix”

  1. W. Kiernan Says:

    Man, you should have said “Vanilla Ice!? Sure thing! Here’s a single he did when he was still doing blue-eyed soul, before he switched to rapping…” and then dropped some Rufus Thomas or something like that.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    Well, the girl was very sweet, unlike the guy who, after his girl almost elbowed the turntable while asking for Curtis Mayfield (which I said I’d play eventually) came over and got all surly with me. I told him I was working and to get out of my face (which he did promptly).

  3. Roger Says:

    There are some fantastic tracks there, Larry, as always.


  4. jesumba Says:

    otra magnífica recopilación este v.72.
    qué recuerdos los Titanic ¡¡¡
    gracias, un saludo.

  5. soulkitschen Says:

    Oh man, I can sympathise with the weird requests – I once had requests for Right Said Fred and Kanye West in the same evening. I’d been playing nothing but girl groups, funk and soul all night. People don’t get shirty with me very often though. My DJ partner and I kind of have the opposite problem – guys that just won’t stay away from the DJ booth and trying to persuaded us to leave the decks to dance with them. (We’re a female DJ duo.)

    It sounds like you had an excellent weekend. I hope you can bring it to London someday. Looking forward to whacking this week’s podcast on the office stereo tomorrow.


  6. whiteray Says:

    Old, old joke, from the time when both were household names: What do Bo Jackson and Vanilla Ice have in common? Artificial hip. (Sounds like a great weekend, and this is a great set of tune. Thanks!)

  7. Stu Says:

    Quality playlist, as ever.

    Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great night was had by all!

    Stu, Glasgow, Scotland

  8. Double K Says:

    Pure quality!! I’ve been rocking your mix all day and totally diggin it.

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