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8/14 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Wrap Up

August 15, 2009


Maurice Williams meets the Buena Vistas


Yours truly upon the wheels du steel


Pat James Longo (see playlist below) & DJ Prestige discuss all things funky

Funky16Corners Playlist
Titanic – Sultana (CBS)
Santana – Jin-Go-La-Ba (Columbia)
Oneness Of Juju – African Rhythms Pt1 (Black Fire)
Mandrill – Fencewalk (Polydor)
Buena Vistas – The Soul Ranger (Marquee)
Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs – The Four Corners (Veep)
Tommy Wills – (Funky) 4 Corners (Airtown)
Quincy Jones – Money Runner (Reprise)
James Brown – The Payback Pt1 (Polydor)
Royalettes – River of Tears (Roulette)
Isley Brothers – Get Into Something Pt2 (T Neck)
Dyke & the Blazers – Shotgun Slim (Original Sound)
Commodores – Machine Gun (Motown)
Tony Camillo’s Bazuka – Dynomite Pt1 (A&M)
Bar-Kays – Sang and Dance (Volt)
Willie West – Said To Myself (WB)
Bobby Byrd – If You Don’t Work You Can’t Eat (King)
Laura Lee – Crumbs Off the Table (Hot Wax)
Richards People – Yo Yo (Tuba)
Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula)

Pat. James Longo Playlist

Jimmie Willis – “Soul Power PT. 1” (Orr Records cat. 1100 (Prod. by Porter – Sago))
Charlie Lucas And The Thrillers – “Wonderful Feeling” (Waterbird cat. WB001 (Produced by C. Simmons))
Curtis Davis – “Your Love And My Money” (Bev-Mar Records cat. BM 1001)
Bobby Freeman – “Do You Wanna Dance, 1970″ (Double Shot Records cat. #152” (Prod. by: Winn-Rodgers))
Big Mac – “That’s The Way YouTreat Your Woman” (Jewel Records cat. SL 1274 (Produced by Dan Clay Upia Productions))
Lorenzo Holden – “The Wig” (Cee-Jam Records cat. INSTRUMENTAL #1 CJ-8961 (Plug Side / Wht Lbl Promo)
The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale – “Robin’s Theme” (Tifton cat. 45-125 (with Pic Sleeve)
The Combinations – “Bump Ball!” (RCA Victor cat. 47-9482 (Producer Jim Foglesong)(Plug Side / Not For Sale))
The Blues Groove – “Makin’ It (Verve cat. VK-10417)
Ruff Francis & The Illusions – “Give Me Mercy” (Essica Records cat. 002″)
Bo Diddley – “I’m High Again” (Checker cat. 1200 (Produced by Gene Barge & Charles Stepney)
Frankie Newsome – “Don’t Mess With My Lovemaker” (Part II) (Savern cat. SN-104 (Prod. By Sago – Stevio Arr. Cond. by Z. Sago)
The Pazant Brothers – “Skunk Juice” (RCA Records cat. 47-9634 (Production / Prod. by Ed Bland)
Ray Barretto – “Together” (Fania cat. 501 (Produced by: Jerry Masucci))
Monguito Santamaria VOCAL BY: Ronnie Marks – “Hey Sister” (Fania cat. 481)
Ray Rodriquez – “Workout – Part II” (Ghetto Records cat. G – 010 (Music Directo – Joe Bataan / Producer – George Febo))
The Stark Reality – “Say Brother” (Big Yellow cat. 45-63 Produced by Spotlite Enterprises))
Rusty Bryant – “Fire Eater” (Prestige cat. PRT-750 (PR-2932))

Listen/Download – Mandrill – Fencewalk/Hagalo – MP3

Greetings all.
Just a quick note to say that the Asbury Park 45 Sessions were once again banging, the perfect accompaniment to a warm summer night. I joined DJ Prestige, DJ Bluewater, M-Fasis, DJ Prime Mundo and special guest selector Pat James Longo for an evening of funk, soul, disco, latin and all manner of grooves.
There were several heavy sets, and Mr Longo brought the heat, dropping a number of incredible 45s, including one by Stark Reality that moved right to the top of my want list.
We also managed to buy and trade some cool vinyl amongst ourselves, including a couple of new residents for my record box (which I am digitizing as I type this).
Hopefully we’ll be doing this again in a couple of months, and as I always say, if you’re in the area, you simply must drop by.



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