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Willie West – Said To Myself

August 27, 2009


Mr. Willie West


Listen/Download – Willie West – Said to Myself – MP3

Greetings all.
I figured I’d end the week with a fine bit of New Orleans heat, by the man, Willie West.
If you don’t know the name Willie West, you ought to since the records he recorded with Allen Toussaint during the 60s and 70s are unfadeable, especially the monstrous, downtempo groover ‘Fairchild’ (a record I chased for a long assed time).
I didn’t exactly chase this record, but once I heard it it lodged securely on my want list, and earlier this year I managed to score myself a nice copy.
The record in question, ‘I Said To Myself’ is a laid buck, but supremely funky Allen Toussaint arrangement (West wrote the song), on which Mr. West is joined by none other than the mighty Meters.
The record (from 1975*) has a great, percolating rhythm, punchy horns, and a refrain which has hints of Curtis Mayfield.
The Meters are, as always, in fine form, and the production is sharp and stylish.
I don’t think this has been comped yet so pull down the ones and zeros and get your groove on.
I’ll see you all on Monday.



*Thanks Alan

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