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Greetings all.
Here we all are at the end of what has been a very busy week here in the depths of the Funky16Corners compound. Both of the little Corners headed off to school, with the bigger of the two starting kindergarten and the littler one off to preschool (he is most definitely NOT feeling the bus…).
The groovy thing is, they have the same morning session, and they’re out of the house in the morning, which allows me to do crazy stuff like mowing the lawn at 8:05 in the AM in a (successful) attempt to beat the rain. Finished at 8:35, I now settle in at the dining room table with an icebag on my knee, a bottle of water and the laptop, so that I might complete my blogly duties before I continue on with the rest of my responsibilities.
I’d like to thank the good folks at Transition Culture for including me in their nomination for the Kreative Blogger award, which is a kind of continuous, chain-letter-esque bit of what Spy Magazine used to call ‘log rolling’, i.e. passing on a little love in the hopes that the recipient might do the same. The point being expanding the blog-wise knowledge of the readers by hepping them to some sites that I dig, in the hopes that they’ll move along in that direction and cause the ripple in the interwebs to keep moving.
I appreciate the props, and while I hate to be the slob that breaks the “chain”, I show my love in the sidebar (which was recently pruned to remove inactive sites, so that your valuable time might not be wasted). Click on any of the links to the right to see what I dig (and it’s not all funk and soul either).
The tune I bring you today is something I picked up this summer (for a single, crisp dollar!), which quickly flipped my wig and became a solid favorite, Joe Bataan’s ‘Young Gifted and Brown’.
If your not hip, know that Bataan ought to be chiseled into the Mt Rushmore of Latin soul, having made some of the genres finest records over the last 40 years. He’s laid down everything from sweet soul to slamming funk and is still at it today.
‘Young Gifted and Brown’ – which I haven’t been able to nail down a release date for, but suspect something 1971-ish – is a powerful, funky tale (autobiographical?) of empowerment that borrows/paraphrases its title from Nina Simone’s ‘To Be Young, Gifted and Black’. Released on the Fania subsidiary Uptite records, the tune has a killer arrangement and is right for the dance floor.
I hope you dig it, enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with something cool.



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6 Responses to “Joe Bataan – Young Gifted and Brown”

  1. alejandro Says:

    I’ve been chasing this for months. Thanks so much for posting it! Last time I saw it it was upward of 50 bucks. Joe Bataan is the maan…

  2. hot sauce Says:

    after much much lurking, i must say that this is/has been my favorite blog

  3. funky16corners Says:

    I picked it up for a buck. I had no idea it was worth more until I was researching the record and it turned up on Popsike for between 60 and 140 dollars?!? Lucky find.

    Hot Sauce
    Thanks for the props.

  4. Sport Casual Says:

    Damn Larry, I was just listening to my LP (Singin Some Soul) this week thinking how much I’d like this track on 45, and it did cross my mind to ask you if you had one!
    I still owe you one for the Barretto anyway…
    Maybe trade you a Shacalao? 🙂

  5. Roy Peterson Says:

    My son Max (age 20) did an amazing mash up/remix of this song in the last couple of days. He has posted it to facebook and it is available as a free download here:

    I hope you like it as much as the original. Joe was a talented singer composer and we need fresh versions of tunes like this to introduce the younger generation to the masters that have gone before!

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