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Greetings all.
The middle of the week is here, and so it’s time for some more goodness.
The tune I bring you today is one of those “dead end” records, in that I have been unable to turn up much information about it.
‘Super Soul’ by Clarence Nelson is undeniably groovy, but is also almost equally untraceable.
I can tell you with a degree of certainty that it was released in 1967, and that’s about it.
There are a few interesting clues orbiting in the periphery, with which I will now enter the realm of conjecture.
There are two names on the record; that of Mr. Nelson himself, and the writer and producer of the songs, one Edwin Hubbard. A dip into the Google-sphere reveals that there were musicians of those names working in and around Memphis, Tennessee during the 1960s, with Nelson as a guitarist (playing in a group called the Fieldstones) , and Hubbard as a flute/saxophone player and arranger (also a Memphis studio musician) who was known for mixing country music and jazz.
As to whether or not they are the same Nelson and Hubbard referenced on the label of ‘Super Soul’, I cannot say for sure. However, a BMI search reveals that the Edwin Hubbard who wrote ‘Super Soul’ and ‘Good Times’ also collaborated with Memphis musician Larry Muhoberac who spent years as the keyboard player in the band of a certain Elvis Presley. This would seem to me to add another level of solidity to the Memphis connection.
That said, ‘Super Soul’ is a groover, with a repeated ‘gunshot’ sound effect, organ, piano and Nelson’s sly vocal.
The flipside is a raving organ instrumental which I’ll make sure to include in the next Hammond mix.
If anyone has any additional info to contribute, as always, it would be greatly appreciated.



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2 Responses to “Clarence Nelson – Super Soul”

  1. Off The Record Djs Says:

    Hello we are big fans of your blog, here in Portugal…
    We are finally back with a new mix.
    Dj Caramelo sneaks into same warm jazzy grooves, just for your delight.
    Enjoy and feel free to comment.
    no funk no fun…

    Off The Record Djs

  2. Jason Daniels Says:

    Super Soul is what I call one of those vinegar stinky songs. Karate Boogaloo by Jerry-O is stinky too.

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