Joe Haywood – I Cross My Heart (And Hope To Die)


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Greetings all.
How’s by you? I’m digging the fall-ish weather, plumbing the crates (as usual) and getting a lot of reading done (not always easy).
The tune I bring you today is a 45 I picked up this summer in what had to be (at least proportionally) the find of the year, i.e. a grip of very nice soul and garage 45s, all in minty fresh condition for the low, low price of one dollar each. Not everything was valuable (though a couple of them turned out to be worth significantly in excess of the asking price) but they were all, without exception,  high quality.
Today’s selection is by the great Joe Haywood. While you may not be familiar with Haywood or his discography, I assure that the description of his talent as ‘great’ is accurate. Unfortunately, Haywood was the very epitome of the journeyman soul singer, moving from label to label, making a series of outstanding 45s yet never really making it to the next level of fame and fortune.
I first came upon his music years ago when I picked up a 45 released on the New Orleans-based Deesu label. At the time I assumed that Haywood was a NOLA-based artist, but as you’ll see when you head over to Red Kelly’s  Soul Detective blog, that was an incorrect assumption.
I’ll let you head over there for the meat and potatoes of the Joe Haywood story (including a scan of his obit, and the only picture I’ve ever seen of him).
That said, thanks to the absolutely unfadeable, death dealing soul power of ‘(Play Me) A Cornbread Song’ a staple of my DJ box and a big personal fave, I pick up Joe Haywood 45s where, and whenever I find them.
Such was the case when I found today’s selection, ‘I Cross My Heart (And Hope To Die)’ on the Front Page label. According to the discography at Soulful Kinda Music, there were only a half dozen releases on the Front Page label (with the truth in advertising motto, ‘The Sound of Earthy Soul’), two of which were Joe Haywood 45s (one of the others is a sought after Lee Moses disc). It looks like ‘I Cross My Heart…’ is a late 60s release. It’s a powerful, horn-driven side with a great vocal by Haywood. The song and production are both credited to Bobby Robinson, though if you read the Soul Detective piece, it certainly brings the authorship of the song into question.
I hope you dig the tune, and I’ll be back at the end of the week.




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7 Responses to “Joe Haywood – I Cross My Heart (And Hope To Die)”

  1. Jason X Says:

    Hey Larry,
    I just checked out your shirts 😉
    I have a few Northern Soul Fist shirts in my wardrobe but none of the sleeveless mens tees. Of course I’m wondering who would buy that type of shirt with your logo on it…LOL….I just found that kinda funny.

    Anyway, I’m back on the blogisphere and thought I’d say hello!

    Jason X

  2. alejandro Says:

    Hi Larry. Great song. Do you know anything about that Front Page label? The Lee Moses single I have is also on that label. I wonder if it was an Atlanta based…Sure is “the home of earthy soul” judging by those 2 characters. Thanks!

  3. funky16corners Says:

    Welcome back!

    Since it’s a Bobby Robinson label, I’m guessing New York City. Haywood was from the Carolinas, but he had records released on all kinds of labels.


  4. aka Says:

    Hey ! thanks again for this great tune.
    Since few posts, it becomes harder to get the mp3. No issue in liestining them online, but hard to DL them… the link send turns to be a htlm instad of an mp3 one… is it on purpose ?

  5. funky16corners Says:

    I can’t see any problem with the links. I haven’t changed anything, and I just tested it and it worked OK.

  6. Bill Campbell Says:

    I gave you an award:

    Keep spreadin’ the funk!

  7. d.cook Says:

    Hey, Larry-

    You’re one of Nick “High Fidelity” Hornby’s favorite blogs!!!! (and his essay perfectly sums up where I am w/music at this late date).

    That should help you feel the love . . . it’s a great thing you do, sharing your knowledge and 45 rpm jewels!


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