Willard Burton & the Pacifiers – Warm the Pot (Till It Gets Good and Hot)


Listen/Download – Willard Burton & the Pacifiers – Warm the Pot (Till It Gets Good and Hot)

Greetings all.
I hope the end of the week finds you all well.
I’m sitting here, multi-tasking, writing, digi-ma-tizing vinyl, e-digging, and generally just being an all around good guy (or trying).
I’m also freezing my ass off. What the hell happened? I took the little Corners out to wait for the bus(es) this morning and immediately realized that this would have to be the last day they’d be dressed in shorts. It had to be in the high 40s (if that). I understand that it’s Fall, but it all seems to have happened rather abruptly.
It’s not like I don’t dig the crisp Fall air, but the change is yet another indicator that time has indeed been flying, and I’ve been too occupied with the doings of real life to pay enough attention. It’s as if instead of waltzing in on a wave of red and gold, Fall crept up behind me and smacked me in the head.
In an abstract musical attempt to turn up the heat, I dipped into the crates for a very tasty bit of late period funk from the one and only Willard Burton.
It’s safe to say that although I cherish the few Willard Burton 45s I carry in my DJ box (the other being the excellent ‘Funky In Here’, included in Funky16Corners Radio v.12 Hammond Funk #1) I have never really been able to nail down much in the way of biographical information.
I can say with certainty that Burton recorded a number of 45s through the 60s and 70s for labels like Peacock, Money, Capitol, Ala and Genie, leading groups like the Funky Four, the Firemen and in the case of today’s selection, ‘The Pacifiers’.
‘Warm the Pot (Till It Gets Good and Hot)’*, released in 1976 was the final single on the long running (22 years) West Coast R&B/soul label Money records (Bettye Swan, Don Julian and the Larks). As I described it earlier, ‘Warm the Pot’ is “late period” funk, just this side of the synthesizer drenched call of the YEOWWW. The bass and guitar riff has just a hint of the O’Jays ‘For the Love of Money’ to it, and I dig the Funkadelic vibe in the guitar solo. There’s not much in the way of the Hammond of ‘Funky In Here’ (I always assumed that Burton was the vocalist and keyboard player), but the overall vibe is very cool on the stoner funk tip.
The A side of ‘Warm the Pot’, ‘Let me Be Your Pacifier’ was covered by both Tyrone Davis and Garland Green
I hope you dig it and I’ll be back on Monday.




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10 Responses to “Willard Burton & the Pacifiers – Warm the Pot (Till It Gets Good and Hot)”

  1. Matt Brown Says:

    Hey Larry –
    Matt/Nitro-Retro from Richmond here.
    Hope you’re well. I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you.
    Back in the late 90’s did you ever see the Vampyros Lesbos party’s by DJ Franco/aka Soul Pusher – now at VoodooFunk: http://www.voodoofunk.blogspot.com/.
    I saw only one back in 98. Blew my mind!

    I was wondering what you thought about that if you ever attended. I’ve been trying to track down as many of the songs he used to spin.

  2. funky16corners Says:

    I never got to see him, but somewhere I have a copy of a two-cd mix he put together from his playlists. I’ll see if I can track it down.

  3. Matt Brown Says:

    WHOA! A 2-cd mix he put together from his playlists?!!! I would give my youngest child for a copy!!! Well, actually I wouldn’t – but DAMN!
    Larry – I would owe you big time if I could get a copy? or if you could post it, or something. I’ll never forget walking into that dark club in the East Village back in 98 and seeing 2 cages hanging from the ceiling with go-go girls dancing inside. Videos showing on the walls of old soft porn Italian/French movies. Lots of people dancing. Some of the best music I’ve eve heard. One of the best nights I’ve ever had in a club. I’ve been trying to recreate that night ever since. You would have dug ot BIGTIME!



  5. alejandro Says:

    Dam this is awesome!

  6. Stu Says:

    Hey Mr Funky16Corners!

    Just did a show on Subcity (click on my name for link) that contains a whole host of tunes that have been posted in this very blog over the years (possibly at least 75% of the playlist!).

    Just downloaded the 1s and 0s for a whole load more.

    Keep ’em coming.

    There’s always something that blows my mind!



  7. Stu Says:

    Should have said, the show features a ‘Spotlight’ on Lou Courtney – that definitely wouldn’t have happened without F16C!


  8. racecar Says:

    Wow. I’ve just discovered your blog…probably because I’ve only just developed a taste for juicy soul tunes; my inquiries and exploration are new. I like it a lot. Your blog, I mean. My question for you is not related to the post on which I’m commenting but on a post from last year. On January 11th (I think) ’08 you posted a playlist called Funky16Corners Meets Dolemite. It’s awesome. I’m having a lot of trouble getting a hold of some of those tracks (I’m not a vinyl collector) so I wondered if maybe you could create a zip file with the individual tracks on it. Any chance of that? It looks like maybe you’ve done that for others in the past. If you could do it again, that’d be groovy. No doubt. In any case, thanks for a great site.

  9. racecar Says:

    My bad. I don’t know how I missed the bit in your Funky16Corners meets Dolemite post about not making zips of guest mixes. Poor form on my part. Sorry. That’s disappointing though, I must say. But I guess I’ll just keep trying to find the songs through other channels. Johnny Goode’s Payback….ooh that’s an elusive one. Anyway…peace out.

  10. Jeff Says:

    Yeah, I hear the O’Jays. I also hear a little Billy Preston’s “Outta Space” at about 1:30. Nice! Thanks!

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