Put On Your Travelling Shoes….


…and head on over to the Hook and Sling blog (as of Wed AM UK time…) to check out a little mid-tempo funk exercise that I assembled in honor of their second anniversary.
If you fall by Funky16Corners on the reg you’ll already know I dig the Hook and Sling crew (could they have named themselves after a cooler song?) since I’ve hopped into the “guest mix” bag for them a couple of times already (see Guest Mix Archive for results).
DJs Hoppin’ John and Mr. Double Down have a good thing going over  there (in the UK clubs as well) and I was honored to once again put a little something together.
I hope you dig it and I’ll be back on Friday.




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2 Responses to “Put On Your Travelling Shoes….”

  1. Mr Double Down Says:


    Killer mix as always!!

    Thanks for gracing us with your goodness and remember you’re always welcome to hit us up again whenever the mood takes you!

    All the best

    Mr Double Down

  2. Tony C Says:

    Nice one Larry.Really enjoying this one.Mr D.D does a good job over here.

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