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Alan Hawkshaw – The Hawk Strikes Again!



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Greetings all.
This is gonna be short and sweet (just like today’s selection) on account of I have a ton of non-bloggy stuff on the agenda that has to take precedence.
The tune in question is something that verily blew my mind back in the early days of my funk jones.
Way back in the halcyon days of nineteen and ninety nine, just before the turn of the century I was sitting on my divan, head resting securely on the antimacassar with a snifter of carbonated beverage cradled in my hand, enjoying a program on the television machine. Suddenly, as the program I was watching took a break I was startled out of my reverie by the soundtrack to an advertisement.
The advertiser was the internet site CNET and the music in the commercial was a funky number with some absolutely fantastic flute action. My instincts told me that this was old music (as opposed to something newly created for the ad) so I started to search on what was then an admittedly a less robust version of the interwebs.
I came up snake eyes.
Then, spurred on by a serious NEED to track down the song, I tracked down the ad agency that had created the commercial and inquired directly as to the source of the music. The reply I received, i.e. ‘The song is called ‘Hot Pants’ from a KPM album.’ Was my very first introduction to the world of library music.
It was a while before I was able to wrap some context around my discovery, and a full ten years before I was able to secure a copy of the record, that being ‘KPM 1080: Flute For Moderns’.
The very groovy thing – a bit of the context I mentioned before – is that the majority of the record was composed and performed by none other than the mighty Alan Hawkshaw and Alan Parker (see Mohawks, Keith Mansfield, Rumplestiltskin etc).
Hawkshaw’s catalog is by and large the very definition of unfadeable, and while the emphasis here is on flute and not my beloved Hammond (of which Hawkshaw is an accepted past master), I still get a rush when I put this record on.
I hope you dig it and I’ll be back on Monday.




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4 Responses to “Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker – Hot Pants”

  1. planet mondo Says:

    Have you checked out the Bowie at BBC album Alan Hawkshaw was on keys for some of Bowie’s earlist Beeb sessions and his break at the end of In The Heat Of The Morning is classic Al’

    You can grab it here..

  2. Bill Luther Says:

    I believe this may have cropped up on one of the “Blow Up” CD comps or perhaps RPM’s Hawkshaw Cd comp. Killer stuff!

    And as Planet Mondo sez, his organ work on Bowie’s BBC version of “In The Heat Of The Morning” is smoking, even more so to find out he’d never heard the number and was playing to charts, improvising all the way!!

  3. The show: Wobble wobble toil and trouble « The Joint Radio Show Says:

    […] Alan Hawkshaw / Alan Parker – Hot pants […]

  4. Matthew Hyde Says:

    I knew Alan 25 years ago when I lived in England. I was wondering if you had an email address I could contact him with? He would have known me as Elder Hyde back then.


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