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Jay and the Techniques


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Greetings all.
I write to you as I recuperate from yet another – hopefully the last – encounter with kidney stone related surgery. My intrepid urologist (there’s a phrase you don’t hear too often) located and blasted the remaining stones, and if all goes as planned I won’t have to go back the hospital anytime soon (this was my fifth trip this year, only two of which were planned).
Fortunately the body parts required for operation of the Funky16Corners blog – listening ears and typing fingers – appear to functioning properly, so we plow ahead.
The tune I bring you today is something I was turned on to in the early days of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions.
Back then, the AP45 crew had a distinctly different composition than it does today. One of the early DJs, who left the fold after only a few appearances was Garden State Soul’s own Jay Boxcar. Like another ex-AP45er, Connie T. Empress, Jay brought a more classic/Northern soul vibe to his sets. When he dropped the tune I bring you today I took a run up to the turntables and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the high quality tune I was hearing was no stone rarity, but rather a neglected b-side by Jay and the Techniques.
A multi-racial soul band, Jay and the Techniques hailed from Allentown, PA, and had their first and biggest hit ‘Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie’ in 1967. The tune I bring you today was the b-side of their second hit, ‘Keep the Ball Rollin’.
‘Here We Go Again’ is a storming dancer with a pounding organ/horn riff and a wonderful vocal by Jay Proctor. Produced and arranged by Philly legends Jerry Ross and Joe Renzetti ‘Here We Go Again’ is a departure from Jay and the Techniques ‘nursery rhyme’ tunes and is a wonderful slice of pop-inflected soul. The grooviest thing of all is that you ought to be able to pick up your own copy at the next flea market/boot sale for less than a dollar.
I hope you dig the tune and I’ll be back on Wednesday with something cool.




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4 Responses to “Jay and the Techniques – Here We Go Again”

  1. Victor Says:

    great track and get well soon> doesn’t sound like too much fun…

  2. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Feel better, my friend. When the post office opens tomorrow, I will mail that disc to you. You’re gonna love it, I promise 🙂

    Peace and blessings.

  3. Coop Says:

    Hi music lovers, got an album or 7″ sleeve that you’ve always loved, or really hated? Why not do your own version in pen, pencil, paint, collage or whatever takes your fancy and send it in to Sleevie Wonders for the world to marvel at. Come and visit, see what we’ve got so far.

  4. TG Chicago Says:

    Feel better soon, Larry!

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