Funky16Corners Fifth Anniversary Celebration!!




Lee Moses – Day Tripper (Musicor)
Booker T & the MGs – Lady Madonna (Stax)
Natural Gas – Eleanor Rigby (Firebird)
Memphis Soul Band – Get Back (Minit)
JJ Barnes – Day Tripper (Ric-Tic)
JEJ Ensemble – Sgt Pepper Medley (JEJ)
Jay Jackson and the Heads of Our Time – With a Little Help From My Friends (Mr G)
Pat Williams – Hey Jude (Verve)
Dobby Dobson – Carry That Weight (Jaguar)
Ramsey Lewis – Sexy Sadie (Cadet)
Supremes – Come Together (Motown)
Verona High School Jazz Ensemble – Let It Be (private press)
Mongo Santamaria – Day Tripper (Columbia)
Ramsey Lewis – Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey (Cadet)
Doc Severinson – Abbey Road Medley (Command)
Gap Mangione – The End (Mercury)

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive

Greetings all.
I write this sitting at the dining room table, looking out the window as my sworn enemies – fall leaves – drop to the ground. I am currently under attack by some kind of sinus problem, which makes the thought of taking the leaf blower and the rake out of my shed all the more painful.
However, there is something to celebrate, an occasion so momentous, so earth shatteringly earth shattering as to wipe away any and all afflictions by virtue of its world shaking stupendousness.
That’s right, the Funky16Corners blog is five years old.
It was the first week of November 2004 when I first stepped blindly into the blog-o-mosphere, spilling the contents of my fevered brain onto the interwebs via my computer keyboard. Back in the day, I had no earthly idea that I would still be at it five long years later. If you are son inclined, and you take a bracing dip in the Funky16Corners pre-Wordpress archive, you’ll also see that in the beginning, I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I was going to do with the blog.
The general concept is there, i.e. to ruminate on and inform about music, but as you’ll see the musical direction didn’t really take shape until the second month of the blog’s existence. There were traces of the Funky16Corners you know and love, but there was also a bunch of stuff that presaged the whole Iron Leg experience as well. You can go back to that first month and watch me as the divergent musical avenues of my mind do battle for supremacy.
That is now – as they say – a moot point. As I mentioned, a few years later I started Iron Leg to write about 60s pop/psych/garage etc, whittling down my free time even further. But by that time, “free time” itself was an outmoded concept as the whole blogging thing evolved from a pleasant diversion into something else entirely (still pleasant…).
If you’ve been a regular reader of either blog you’ll already know that my move into blogging wasn’t really new, in that I’d been writing about music, first in fanzines, then in newspapers, and ultimately on the interwebs for something like 25 years. What the internet allowed me to do was take a familiar format and give it new, multimedia dimensions.
When I started doing zines back in 84/85, it was all cut and paste with the rubber cement, plundering old books and magazines for artwork (or drawing it myself) and heading down to the old copy shop for duplication. From there, it was on to maybe 10 record stores – locally and in NYC – for hand-to-hand distribution and the dreaded consignment. Believe it or not, even then, via travelers picking up copies and the zine getting written up in other zines, international contact (in a decidedly more limited form) was made.
When the internet came along I took the opportunity (along with the most rudimentary HTML “skills”) and started zine-ing on the web. Out of that effort was born the Funky16Corners web zine, which grew over the course of four years to include a lot of long form articles/discographies and tons of shorter, capsule reviews.
The time came midway through 2004 that planning and executing the long-form web zine was starting to feel like a chore. My first son had arrived and my ability to expend the time and energy that it took to put a new issue together was dwindling rapidly.
I began to take a look at the blogging format, and it’s brevity and quick turnover appealed to me. I made the decision to change direction, concentrating more on single records. Within a couple of months things settled into something like the current format, where they stayed for another two years until the inception of the Funky16Corners Radio podcast in May of 2006. It was at that point that I started to put mixes on the web (god knows I’d been making them since I was first able to operate a cassette recorder), an enterprise that grew in diversity and sophistication to the point where the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast and Guest Mix archives now hold close to one hundred different mixes (as well as almost 30 more over at Iron Leg).
When I look back on those early days of paper-blogging, and see how many people now check in to the blog from all over the world, it genuinely blows my mind. We truly live in McLuhan’s global village, and at least in this circumstance I see it as a good thing. Soul and funk fans from all points of the compass gathering to share information and (more importantly) their love for the music.
There are those among you for whom a lot of the music posted here is new, and of course many dyed in the wool soulies for whom much of it is old (yet wonderful) news. If the Funky16Corners blog has a “mission”, it is bringing those two ends of the spectrum closer together, united by a love and respect for the music and the people that made it.
To mark the fifth anniversary of the blog, this week will see two more entries to that list with the fifth and sixth mixes of soul/funk/jazz covers of Beatles songs.
The Beatles were my first musical love. The first record I ever bought with my own money was a copy of the VeeJay LP ‘Introducing the Beatles’, and their music still stays with me as an important part of my life. When I put the first Beatles covers mixes together back in 2007, I hadn’t planned any sequals. However, as time went on I started making it a habit to record and put aside any Beatles covers that I found, and eventually all of the ensuing mixes came together.
Hit them here:

Listen/download Funky16Corners Radio v.28 – Rubber Souled Pt1

Listen/download Funky16Corners Radio v.29 – Rubber Souled Pt2

Listen/download Funky16Corners Radio v.30 – Rubber Souled Pt3

Listen/download Funky16Corners Radio v.54 – Come Together

The first mix this week will be more upbeat, the second (posted on Wednesday) a much mellower exercise for those late night, meditative listening sessions.
I won’t go into much detail on either mix, aside from noting that both of them have contributions from lots of old favorites as well as some unusual stuff.
I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the ongoing Funky16Corners blog-sperience, including all the regular readers, my fellow bloggers and DJs (big ups to DJ Prestige and the Asbury Park 45 Sessions Crew and DJ Birdman in DC!) and especially those of you that have participated in the yearly fund drive that helps to keep this thing going (especially the Podcast Archive, by far the most heavily trafficked part of the site).
With any luck we’ll all be here for another five years (or longer), unless there’s another paradigm shift in the technology that takes us in another direction entirely.
I hope you dig the mixes and I’ll be back next week with more of the stuff you love.




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15 Responses to “Funky16Corners Fifth Anniversary Celebration!!”

  1. Boom Star Pee Says:

    Congratulations on 5 solid years, thanks for all the gems and keep the fire burning, Larry!

    Nuff respect and greetings galore,
    Ingmar from Leiden, Holland

  2. Tony C Says:

    Good work Mr G. Thanks for all your dedication and top tunes.
    Now go out and get that leaf blower fired up!!

  3. luxivy Says:

    Congrats !
    your blog is absolutely AMAZING !

    thanks again


  4. Mondo Says:

    The big 05. fab stuff literally Larry. Loving the look of that tracklist pulling down to play now and will report back later.

    Happy 5TH birthday King of the Crate Diggers

  5. Arno Says:

    Hey FSC: Long-time listener, first-time poster. Congrats on five amazing years. I tuned in about a year or so in, I think, and I’ve been schooled and entertained in the amazing world of soul, funk, early rock and a little bit of everything else, since. FSC opened my ears to the world of old soul beyond Aretha Franklin/Otis Redding, and has stimulated my ongoing pursuit and appreciation of the genre and its influence since (especially on my growing appreciation for hip hop). Ya da man Mr. Grogan.

  6. red kelly Says:

    Yo Larry!! Happy Anniversary, brother! Keep on keepin’ on! – red

  7. Mr Double Down Says:


    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary, a seriously impressive achievement!!
    Keep up the good work!

    Mr Double Down

  8. Marty AKA Marty McFly Says:

    Happy Anniversary from Italy

    You are doing a terrific job Larry!

  9. Soulicious Says:

    Classic stuff, man. I appreciate all the knowledgeable insight I consistently find here that illuminates the music that I, and many others, truly love. You undoubtedly live up to your mantra: keepin the faith.


  10. Colin Says:

    Congrats. Love checking into your site and it makes a great companion to Downtown Soulsville on WFMU. Always eager to listen and read what you have to offer!

  11. Colin Says:

    Larry, you’re unfuckablewith. keep it up, my man.


  12. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Thank you for your extreme benevolence lo these many years… Here’s to the next five years and beyond!

    Peace and blessings.

    p.s. Ever think about doing a set of Dylan covers 🙂

  13. funky16corners Says:

    Y’know Vincent, aside from 45s I have of OV Wright doing ‘Blowin’ In the Wind’ and Phil Flowers doing ‘Like a Rolling Stone’, I can’t think of any other soulful/funky Dylan covers. There must be more out there (time to start looking…).

  14. Larry's Funky Mama Says:

    Hello and Congratulations to a very talented and music savy son!
    Others have only read you for five years we have had the benefit of your knowledge all our lives. Thanks and we are so proud of you!!
    Love, your Mama and Papa

  15. Mark Says:

    Wow! 5 years is a great achievement. I’ve discovered so much great stuff through your blog, and I’m enjoying the first of these mixes now. Keep on keeping on!

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