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The new home of the Funky16Corners Blog.

See you there!


10 Responses to “About”

  1. tmoe Says:

    Hey you,

    great new blog. I still read your old blog at blogspot. Maybe you can add my online blog called one take tapes to your blog roll. I will add your address to my site.

    Keep on rockin’ and best regards from cologne/GER



  2. soulbrotha Says:

    Hi Funky,
    I sent you an email with an attachment. Not sure if it went though. Let me know you got it.


  3. oki oki Says:

    i want to link change

  4. gerald Says:

    I want to text my appreciation for doing what you do man.

  5. giantmonster Says:

    many many many thanks!
    just added you as a link to my bloggy-roll.

  6. Allen Says:

    Hi — I have linked to your web page on my blog at http://soulfulmusic.blogspot.com/. My blog is dedicated to the 827 Thomas Street Band (the famous Memphis-based American Studio Rhythm Section) and you did an article on Bobby Emmons who plays keyboards with the band. Please list my blog on your site and I will do likewise. Best of luck to you with your efforts!

  7. Bob Sanders Says:

    Love your Bog . I lost My New Orleans Records in the Hurricane .
    QQuestion I had a funk version of the song DIXIE FROM A JAZZ ALBUM . aNY iDEA wHO dID tHAT ?

  8. Margaret Summers Says:

    Great site! Do you know anything about a Northern Soul favorite named Court Davis?

  9. Mikael Borg Says:

    Thank you so much!

    I’m getting to know so much fantastic music that I didn’t even know existed. And I want you to know that downloading these songs from you has the positive effect of me running of to buy collections and records by these artists.

    So everybody wins!

    Mikae, Sweden

  10. The Lumberjack Thief » Public Service Announcement: 16 Funky Iron Legs Says:

    […] by the same deeply knowledgeable proprietor, on any given day you’re bound to be hit with a sweet cut you’ve never heard […]

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