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Funky16Corners Radio v.76 – One for the Kids

November 15, 2009


Artwork copyright 2009 – Miles Grogan (age 5)

Funky16Corners Radio v.76 – One For the Kids – Funk and Soul for Children of All Ages


Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin Pt1 (Stax)
Shirley Ellis – The Clapping Song (Congress)
Village Soul Choir – A-B-C’s (Abbott)
Freddy & the Kinfolk – The Goat (Dade)
Electric Company feat Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby – Jelly Belly (WB)
Banana Splits – Doin’ the Banana Split (Kelloggs)
George Semper – Shortnin’ Bread (Imperial)
Bill Doggett – The Worm (Columbia)
Schoolhouse Rock feat. Grady Tate – I Got Six (Capitol)
Guitar Ray – Patty Cake Shake (Hot Line)
King Coleman – The Boo Boo Song Pt1 (King)
JC Davis – Monkey (Chess)
Jerry O – The Funky Chicken Yoke (Boogaloo)
Okie Duke – Chicken Licken’ (Ovation)
Jackson Five – ABC (Motown)
The Philly Four – The Elephant (Cobblestone)
The Unemployed – Funky Rooster (Cotillion)
Lucky Peterson Blues Band – Good Old Candy (Today)
The Portraits – Three Blind Mice (Tri Disc)
Maggie Thrett – Soupy (From Tha Soul)

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Greetings all.

I know this may seem a little early for the arrival of the next Funky16Corners Radio podcast, but sometimes it’s just like that.
The roots of this mix go a long way back (maybe a couple of years?) to a suggestion by a regular reader (who’s identity has been lost in the depths of my e-mail account, raise your hand if it’s you…) that I put together a mix of funk and soul tunes for the kids out there (I have two of my own, and I’m sure a lot of you have your own too).
I thought that this was – in the words of the sage Gomez Addams – a capital idea, but like so many of those, it had to bounce around in the back alleys of the windmills of my mind for a while before I finally buckled down and started rummaging around in the crates to make it a reality. The 40th anniversary of Sesame Street kind of gave me a nudge to get this together as well.
Though the idea seemed simple enough, the realization of the concept took a little bit of thought. There were a couple of obvious selections (some of which made it into the mix, some fell by the wayside for a variety of reasons), but I really needed to go through the archive so that inspirado might finally take hold.
The tunes I was looking for needed to be things that would catch the ear of an actual kid (everything herein has been road tested with my three and five year old sons), and would also need to be “safe”, i.e. free of anything obviously inappropriate (please let me know if I missed anything….). I also wanted the contents of the mix to appeal to the young at heart as well, so that if you are so inclined you could cut a rug alongside your progeny.
Back when the theme was first suggested, the first (and at the time, only) record that came to mind was King Coleman’s ‘Boo Boo Song’, a 45 that sent my son into apoplexy the first time he heard it, and I suspect that it would have the same effect on most people, not just kids. When I hit the crates – as is always the case – I leaned in the direction of overkill, pulling all kinds of stuff that I thought might appeal to the younger set. As I worked through an imposing stack of wax – my sons at my side, some things went by the wayside, either because they ended up containing inappropriate content, or because they failed to elicit a positive response from the “focus group”.
Some of it, like the Electric Company and Schoolhouse Rock fell into the ‘purpose made’ category, their soulful and/or funky attributes merely a happy coincidence.
A couple of things in the mix were in fact performed by actual children (the Jackson Five and Lucky Peterson, who was actually five), and several others were based in kids nursery/playground rhymes. Others were just plain fun (the ‘animal’ themed numbers went over especially well with my kids).
I should also mention that the artwork for Funky16Corners Radio v.76 was created by my five year old son Miles. He drew it before I started working on the mix, but I felt it fit the vibe perfectly. With any luck he’ll whip up some covers for future editions of the podcast.
Listen closely for some blasts from your own childhood (anyone else ride for Captain Kangaroo??), and drop me line to let me know how the mix played with the kids in your life. Make sure you pull down the mixed version so you get all the ‘bonus’ material.
I hope you dig it, and I’ll be back later in the week with something more traditional.




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Funky16Corners Radio v.60 – Finger Lickin’ Good b/w 4th Anniversary Mix!

November 5, 2008


Funky16Corners Radio v.60 – Finger Lickin’ Good!


Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula)
James Brown – The Hen Pt1 (King)
The Meters – Chicken Strut (Josie)
Willie Henderson & the Soul Explosions – The Funky Chicken Pt1 (Brunswick)
Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers – Broasted or Fried (Atlantic)
Jerry O – The Funky Chicken Yoke (Jerry O)
Unemployed – Funky Rooster (Cotillion)
Okie Duke – Chicken Lickin (Ovation)
Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Chicken (Stax)
Mel Brown – Chicken Fat (Impulse)
Lou Garno Trio – Chicken In the Basket (Giovannis)
Chants – Chicken and Gravy (Checker)
Art Jerry Miller – Finger Licken Good (Enterprise)
Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads (Galaxy)
E Rodney Jones & Larry & the Hippies Band – Chicken On Down (Double Soul)
NY Jets – Funky Chicken (Tamboo)
Radars – Finger Licken Chicken (Yew)*
*Bonus Platter
Andre Brasseur – The Duck (Palette)
Butch Cornell Trio – Goose Pimples (RuJac)
Nie Liters – Serenade To a Jive Turkey (RCA

To hear this mix, head on over to the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive

Greetings all.

This edition of Funky16Corners Radio – the 60th?!?!? – marks an even more unlikely event, that being of the completion of the fourth year in the existence of this very blog, and thanks to a wonderful bit of synchronicity, the beginning of a new era in the United States.
Back in November of 2004, when I started the Funky16Corners Blog, I had no inkling that I’d still be at it four years down the pike.
If statistics are any indication, the average life of most blogs is between two and three months, which makes Funky16Corners something Methuselah-esque. If there’s any key at all to its longevity, it would be that I enjoy doing it. As anyone that reads the posts here can tell you, I’m a busy guy, with the job, and the little kids and all the rest of the accoutrements of life in the suburbs (though those that know me would be hard pressed to describe me as typical in that regard).
That said, I started blogging as a way to redistribute the amount of work I was doing on the Funky16Corners web zine, which preceded the foundation of the blog by another four years. My oldest son had just been born, and I wanted to keep writing about music, so I figured that if I broke the work down into bite-sized pieces, that I could continue to do so without running myself ragged.
Needless to say, that hasn’t always been the case.
However, it didn’t take much time before I realized how addictive this enterprise would be. The blog provided an outlet for my writing, then a few years on to my compulsive mixology, and thanks to a largely cordial and appreciative audience I often learn as much as lay out.
That aspect of the blog has been among the most rewarding. In addition to shout outs from folks who just dig hearing the music, I really dig hearing from other collectors who help flesh out the sometimes sketchy bits of information that I’m able to gather. Along those lines – and especially rewarding – are the notes from artists and their friends and families saying how much it means to see that someone still appreciates the music.
Thanks to the blog, I’ve met some very cool people, first and foremost my man DJ Prestige, founder of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions, the all-45 DJ night that I’ve been a contributor to for almost two years.
I’ve been writing about music on the fringes for more than two decades. I started my first zine, Incognito, back in 1985, when it was all manually cut and pasted, and then taken to the copy shop and Xeroxed. A few years later I purchased my first computer (an Apple Performa 200) and entered the world of desktop publishing. My second zine, Evil Eye was a somewhat more sophisticated affair, with scans and tons of crazy fonts, but as before, it all ended up at the copy shop, as did my jazz zine, Gone which I started in 1997.
During the late 80s I spent some time doing freelance writing for the paper where I still work today, doing occasional feature pieces, as well as a column in one of our weekly products that lasted for a little over a year. Though the experience was rewarding, I soon discovered that I wasn’t going to be able to write the way I wanted in a regular paper, so back I went into the underground.
It wasn’t until the late 90s, after a friend at work gave me a rudimental working knowledge of Front Page, that I first set foot onto the interwebs, with the web zine version of Gone (traces of which still remain in the ether). It wasn’t too long after that, that work started on the Funky16Corners web zine.
The web zine (which is still maintained as the Web Zine Archive) went on for 13 issues, and if you take the time to stop by you’ll find lots of interesting feature articles, discographies and interviews.
When I started the blog, it was not – as it would soon be – devoted to the sounds of soul and funk. In fact, the earliest posts on Funky16Corners closely resemble a format that would be resurrected in 2007 in my other blog, Iron Leg.
Though my first intent in blogging was to keep writing, the unintended by product, and probably the most interesting aspect of the whole deal is how it has taken my record collection and turned it from a room full of inanimate objects into a living, breathing thing. The collection has continued to expand unabated for many years, and more often than not, as new material has made its way into my life, it has also appeared in this space, and conversely, as things have been blogged about, my interests, and the variety of the music I dig for has expanded (and continues to grow), so the influence travels in both directions. The process of relating stories about the music I love, has expanded my collection, and the process of expanding my collection (and the knowledge associated with it) has enriched the blog.
A happy little circle to be sure.
The mix I bring you today, in celebration of the anniversary, and of the people that stop by here on the reg, was in fact suggested a while back (more than a year of memory serves, and sometimes it doesn’t) by a reader. When I decided to finally get this mix together, I went back into the vast heap of e-mail, but was unable to locate the original suggestion. Aside from the fact that it was a regular reader/commenter, I can’t remember who made the suggestion of an “all-chicken” mix, and for that I am remiss and I apologize (but still say Thanks!).
So, the “all chicken’ mix (or mostly chicken with a bonus side of poultry) is here. You might have seen some of these tunes here before (in fact you definitely have), but never before gathered together in the henhouse, or better, cooking in the frying pan and hitting the table alongside some greens, mac and sweet potato pie. Fried chicken may be the soul-iest soul food of all (apologies to the vege-ma-tarians), and I thought about making this mix ‘Soul Food Pt3’ but then I figured that with the hyphens and the subtitles and what not the name would never fit, so ‘Finger Lickin’ Good!’ it is.
That said, I want to thank those of you that have been coming here for a while, and say welcome to those that just started falling by. With any luck, we’ll still be here next year. As far as I know you can’t get laid of from the blog-o-mos-phere (not yet anyway).
I’ll be taking the rest of the week off to hit the road with the F16C fam. We’re going for some west and wewaxation.
I’ll see you all on Monday.


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