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142 Responses to “Funky16Corners Podcast Archive”

  1. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Thank you Larry, now I have ’em ALL… and thank you to the loyal reader who helped you to restore ’em all.

  2. Jimbo Says:

    Wow! You never cease to amaze me! You can’t imagine the joy you’ve brought to this “virtual” crate digger. Would that I had the resources or location to hunt for some real sides myself! Keep it up! I’ve lately been tasting your mixes. Who’d a thunk it?!? Al Hurt and Ginsberg!
    Many thanks! (Have I used enough explanation points? I’ll try to remain calm next time.)

  3. djack Says:

    Wow, nice effort.
    I was just given a hand-me-down Ipod. Never really had a need for one, don’t work in an office, don’t travel much, don’t go to the gym, vehicle is not mp3 compatible and we’ve actually got 3 good community radio options in this area.
    But, first thing I’m going to do is load it with all 38 Funky 16s.

    Might have to do something crazy like start jogging.

  4. Alain from Belgium Says:

    Thanks Larry for this wonderful music ! This is a real GREAT job !

  5. Says:

    mmmmmm…… tasty……

    Many thanks for both mixed and zipped. I’ve mostly pulled the mixed versions, and have missed a few zips that I wanted.

  6. prime Says:


  7. zach Says:

    oh man. you rock.

  8. zach Says:

    no. seriously.

    this is the most amazing thing ever.

  9. George Says:

    I can’t believe it’s no butter.
    It is fully organic stuff from outer space!
    I am happy now-..

  10. Neil Says:

    Top Bloke! What with two hours drive across England in the morning to work – then two hours back – this lot keeps a smile on my face – plenty of chaps staring at that Volvo at seven thirty in the morning in the fast lane with the grinning guy and thumping bassline ! My vinyl trawls are unearthing less and less without remortgaging the house so – CHEERS!
    Gord bless ya (and the ipod)!

  11. The Temptations - Lonely Lonely Man Am I « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] I hope you dig the tune. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with a new edition of Funky16Corners Radio. Peace […]

  12. Tim Says:

    Larry, it’s great that you’ve archived these podcasts! If I could make a suggestion, it’d be great if you could provide links from each podcast to your original commentary on the tracks. I find this info very interesting and educational, yet it takes awhile to dig through the monthly archives to find the original post.

    Anyway, thanks for the musical education. Keep it comin’!

  13. Funk16Corners Radio v.39 - Return To Soulville « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] to be remedied. And so…it is. A brief stroll through the hallowed, marble-columned halls of the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive will show that I dig making a mix with a conceptual underpinning, whether it be regional, temporal […]

  14. Steve Says:

    Wow, many many thanks. All gaps which I was minding filled.

    A most grateful Englishman.

  15. funky16corners Says:

    It was my intention to link back to the original write ups, but I never got around to it. I expect to remedy the situation this week.

  16. w Says:

    An epic effort, thanks so much.


  17. ecojuristulysses Says:

    From: Ulysses Crockdett (; Congratulations on your fine selection and breadth of selections presented on your radio show. As a vibraphone player, it was great to see my song Major Funky on the same playlist as Gary Burton’s ‘Sweet Rain’. As ou kow Gary Burton is the premiere living Vibraphone master and Dean of Curriculum at Boston’s Berklee Colleg of Music and a mentor to Crockett for many years.

    Keep up the wonderful artistic work while providing an historical record of the efforts of many artists not necessarily substantially exposed to the public ears.
    Will foward to you my 1960’s band’s version of Donovan’s ‘Sunshine Superman” recorded with same instrumentatioin and music colleagues as appearing onn ‘Major Funky”.

    Happ Holidays to all the operatives at Funky 16 Corners Mighty Radio.

    December 12, 2007 at Emeryville, CA

  18. funky16corners Says:

    Mr Crockett
    Thanks very much for stopping by! I love that record!
    You can contact me via the e-mail address in the “About” section in the sidebar.

  19. Ike Turner RIP « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] If you prefer your Ike with some Tina on the side, click into the Podcast Archive in the sidebar and scroll down to Funky16Corners Radio v.6, the ‘Bold Soul Sisters’ […]

  20. murph Says:


  21. Bucklington Says:

    Oh my!

  22. themusicologist Says:


    one word .. BOSS

    16corners is an inspiration.


  23. Alain from Belgium Says:

    Hi Larry,

    May Peace, Hope and Love be with you


    Merry Christmas & A Happy 2008!

  24. Slackjack Says:

    Thank you so much. I have lost and found and lost again, so many tunes over the years – that hole in my soul is now fulfilled

  25. Try skating to this, princess « AM, Then FM Says:

    […] Larry over at Funky 16 Corners has completed a project long in the works, making available an archive of all of his fine soul, funk and R&B mixes. I didn’t realize how many I had until I counted them. I have 26, and more are available in […]

  26. Look-KaPyPy Says:

    Man, you’re amazing.
    You really don’t kno how happy you’ve made me, all this Eddie Bo is crazy.

  27. Mike Says:

    This is amazing. Thank you.

  28. Martin Says:

    Massive thank you, amazing stuff!

  29. Dave in Guelph Says:

    Utterly awesome Larry!

    My set is now complete and I can move on with my life.

    You’re a shining star that orbits planet Soul!

    Dave in Guelph, ON Canada

  30. gneuralgic_gnarl Says:

    My Lord, it’s the Funkin’ Holy Grail! This has been here 2 months?!

    *Opens eyes & bows* Thank YOU!

  31. Trenton Makes The World Takes Says:

    Larry…Thank You Thank You Thank You, my MP3 player will now be Full O’ Funk and Saturated With Soul to get me thru work each day! I’m putting you right up there with Bob Pantano, Ron Diamond, The Geater, Hyksi, Jocko and all the rest.

    Any chance my fellow Central Jersey bud can mix in some Cook E Jarr & The Krumbs, a few more from Billy Harner and Jimmy Ellis & The Exceptions “Down By The Ocean”?

  32. Alain Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Usually the files are zipped for downloading but de two recent ones aren’t. I can’t get them

  33. Alain from Belgium Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for this update.


  34. jose utreras Says:

    esto es increible amo estas colecciones, estas caratulas es como si esta zona fuera mia. yo soy demaciado critico con la música y esta zona es un placer de dioses. gracias desde chile. muy feliz

  35. Carlos in Cleveland Says:

    I’m up late again and just immersing myself in this amazing archive. I’m taking a soul bath! Thank you my man. You are an emmisary from Planet Soul.

  36. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks Carlos!

  37. bryan Says:

    Hi…I was wondering if you can help me. Your site is so amazing by the way. We need more sites like this.

    Im trying to find The Performers – I can’t stop you

    I listened to it once at a funk soul club and am in love with it. I see you blogged about it once…but I still can’t find the mp3. Is there anyway you can post it up on your next podcast?

    thank you!


  38. AustinfromBoston Says:

    flashback- who’s that!? Super powerful for the masses! Thanksforever!

  39. Dave Says:

    Thanks Larry, keep on keepin’ on!

  40. Jerry Says:

    What a tour de force. Found your site last striking the motherload. Now shared around lots of friends. London and the music lovin’ Brits salute you.

  41. rainer Says:

    Just one thing to say:
    You are the man!
    thank you so much for that great stuff and your work.

  42. lexington Says:

    mmmm……smells kinda funky in here….

    Love the artwork too!

    What about a show with nothing but versions of tighten up?

    Thanks for a great radio station.

  43. Funky16Corners Radio v.44 - Hey Mr. DJ!!! « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] an often crazed R&B/soul singer (have you heard the ‘Boo Boo Song’ ?!?!?, If not check out Funky16Corners Radio v.14.5 at the Podcast Archive), but he got his start as a disc jockey/emcee in Tampa, Florida at WTMP. While most of Coleman’s […]

  44. ‘Wee’ Willie Walker - Ticket To Ride « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] smoking take on the Beatles ‘Ticket To Ride’ (how I wish I had this 45 when I put together the Rubber Souled mixes) features a hot horn chart, female backing vocals and a very solid rhythm section. Thankfully […]

  45. Yona Says:

    Just can’t say how much I love your site. Thanks for introducing me to so many great known and unknown soul legends.


  46. Michael Says:

    Funky… I’m just rolling around on your most excellent blog, happy as a pig in, er, clover!
    Lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it! Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together, you and all your funky corners are going straight into my blogroll!

  47. Nico Says:

    Thanks a lot guys…that’s amazing….I think I’ll need a few days to listen to all that funky masters…PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WILD BOYY!!!

  48. loco en la cocina Says:

    Amazing! Thanks for all this hard work. I’ve been crusing the sites for hours now. A true find and worthy to be linked worldwide!

  49. Troy Says:

    Now you’ve got me in trouble for over exceeding the office download limit!! Worth it tho, even if they fire me – OOOooowww!!!!

  50. Jazzsoulman Says:

    A dream come true: complete at last. Thank you so much

  51. Mal.C. Says:


    I hope you get as much pleasure sharing all these tracks as we all do downloading and playing them…

    Good onya Brother!!!

  52. duncan Says:

    ho-lee shit!!!
    I stumbled on your blog last night and have been blown away with the stuff you’re putting out here. truly outstanding man, thanks a lot!

  53. Daniel Says:

    Cheers for all your hard work, mate. I’ve just downloaded nine zips and will definitely be back for more.

    I don’t like to use exclamation marks but Funky 16 Corners is the business!

  54. Jaq from FrAnCe Says:

    Thank you very much.
    I’m really amazed with the work you’ve made, truly fantastic!
    I’m gonna give your address to my friends in France .
    See you!

  55. simon Says:

    Superb. Brilliant selections. Thanks so much.

  56. Tim from Belgium Says:

    Larry, thanks for this great music!!

    keep up the fantastic work

  57. Max Frost Says:

    Oh, man! Where have I been? This is all truly amazing. I’ll be hangin’ out here for a good long while. A million thanks for this, man.

  58. Teena Says:

    Brother, you got soul (and a heart for people who don’t have enough music)!!! I’ve been sneaking around here for a while, sampling, reading, downloading & simply enjoying. Thanx a million for the entertainment & edumacation 🙂 – this is like music heaven, a very funky one!! Great job, keep it up, I’ll be baack sho’nuf 🙂

  59. aFromage Says:

    An honest and deep thank you, Larry. Your effort is an inestimable pleasure for my ears. Keep on keeping on! this is marvelous!!

  60. DR Stein Says:

    simply the BEST ……………………………………..thx so much

  61. Thomas Says:

    I keep coming back and there’s always more to enjoy! I also love the fact that a lot of your records aren’t super obscure rarities that now cost $$$s, usually just $$s, or ££s for me. endless amounsts of pleasure have and are still to be taken from your site. Maximum respect Larry!

  62. Iron Leg Digital Trip #10 - Transitive Nightfall of Diamonds « Iron Leg Says:

    […] my iPod. The most frequently accessed playlist on said MP3 delivery system is the one composed of Funky16Corners Radio and Iron Leg Digital Trip podcasts, which – according to iTunes – now lasts almost two full […]

  63. b Says:

    Lovin these sessions, Larry.
    I particularly enjoy Funky16Corners Radio v.43 – the Unquiet Storm.
    That Ken Boothe version of “Down By The River” is insane. Any chance you’ll give us a dedicated show of reggae covers of funk/soul in the future. Thanks!

  64. funky16corners Says:

    Thanks for the kind words (and the same to everyone else that’s stopped by to say hi.).
    I don’t have a ton of OG reggae vinyl, so – in keeping with my ‘all vinyl’ rule I don’t imagine a mix like that anytime soon. However I will mention this to my man DJ Prestige at Fleamarket Funk who is a serious reggae head.

  65. J.C. Heard - J.C.’s Grit Gitter « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] in question, ‘Grit Gitter’ by a cat named Cha Cha Hogan was a very cool bit of piano funk (which can be heard in Funky16Corners Radio v.2 – Sookie). If memory serves I found my way to ‘Grit Gitter’ via the expert counsel of my good friend […]



  67. Buhloonemindstate Says:

    Just discovered this treasure chest today. I’m floored. And most, most thankful.

  68. pedro Says:


  69. Liandin Says:


  70. Miles Says:

    Hi Funkster,

    Just discovered your site and am loving it, well done my son!

    Thought I would ask if you have a track by Benny Spellman called “This One’s For You My Love”. I have been looking for it for ages so if you had it it would be great to hear it again as it is such an awesom tune.

    Keep the faith.


  71. James Says:


    Just discovered this and it bloody brilliant!

    Got the first 3 and plan on getting the lot.

    You have really opened my eyes, for a 17 year old to be once only a fan of people like The Meters and all the George Clinton stuff I am so excited to have all these other great artists to listen to.

    Thank you


  72. LEO Says:

    Woah….I have long been a fan of the blog, but just stumbled on this. My god. Will I ever need to purchase music again?

    Thank god for Mr Grogan, and thank God for the internet for bringing his message to us.

  73. Franklin Mint Says:

    This archive has been a blessing to me and I’m sure many others. Keep it up! You’re doing the world a huge favor.

  74. Dandois Christian Says:

    Thank you for sharing these rare songs.
    Great artists to know!

  75. Quentin Says:

    1) Bobby Parker’s Watch Your Step! Kowabunga and genuflections.
    2)Cold war theme: I often mishear Johnny Rivers’ Secret Agent Man as Secret Asian Man. Edwin Starr’s Agent 00 Soul. And now, Perry & the Harmonics’ Do the Monkey With James.
    Many Thanks

  76. Rich Says:


    YOU are the MAN. I set myself a target a few years back to rip my vinyl collection of funk and northern 45s onto a digital format and get them on-line to share with like-minded lovers of the beat.

    However, I am about 15 tracks into my collection and struggling for time, but your efforts have inspired me.

    Fantastic tunes… long may you keep them coming brother

    Rich (keepin’ the faith)

  77. Rich Says:

    P.S. that’s 15 out of 5,500 45s (I need to put more effort in!)

  78. gitarrishim Says:

    Great! Great! Great!

    My live got sence again 🙂


  79. chris Says:

    Hi Larry,

    Being myself an -old mod- collector I’ve found the original website very interesting and bought the 2 hammond burner compilations (I would never have known perry&the harmonics, hindal butts and dave lewis otherwise) then switched to the blog and I am still really astonished by your archivist work and your ability for tracklisting (no fillers everytime !).But as I’ve grown up with garage, psych and freakbeat bands (being 43) I equally appreciate Iron Legs stuff !!!

  80. Drew Says:

    Thank You very much for all your enthusiasm for this music! I am consistently impressed with everything you have posted and am surprised at the amount of material out there. I have been playing ‘soul food pt. 1 & 2’, ‘funky nawlin’s’, ‘these arms of mine’ and ‘chi-town hustlers’ a lot at work… i’ve barely scratched the surface! There are a lot of comments on the music, and it puts everyone in a great mood! This is just fabulous, I cannot begin to thank you for this music!

  81. Nello Says:

    OK. Was a very good work. But somebody asking me: there’s someone who sing original into this great collection ?? Where are James Brown, Etta James and the others ?? Thanks in advance

  82. One23 Says:

    Man this is GOLD!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the work and effort and I am sure to stay tuned on this terrific site!


  83. Nigel Says:

    As an Australian, I have no idea what chitlins, collard greens, polk salad or grits taste like, but after listening to these I sho nuff wanna try sum!

  84. Dutch Says:

    Great work, keep it up.
    Let me add a lil’ info snippet: here’s where the Peddlers’ On a Clear Day did get sampled – in 1995, in the Netherlands.

  85. EsQuiMau Says:

    I am simply speechless and stunned……………….
    There is nothing more to say……………….


    Great Work!!!

    (and it´ll be a lot of work for me……….)

    Best Regards


  86. Ed Says:

    Hey Larry,

    This is so cool. Your site is so cool. The podcasts are mind numbingly cool. My eardums give thanks for Funky Sixteen Corners. Well done. So great…Thankyou!

    Ed \.(^_^)./

  87. Funky16Corners Radio v.60 - Finger Lickin’ Good b/w 4th Anniversary Mix! « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] this enterprise would be. The blog provided an outlet for my writing, then a few years on to my compulsive mixology, and thanks to a largely cordial and appreciative audience I often learn as much as lay out. That […]

  88. Tammy Doughty Says:

    Oh my! I have been searching for some good funk. It is my alltime favourite music. So fun. It just makes me wanna dance dance dance. I have been asking friends for their favourite funk for me to listen to and some can give me a name or two but I know now that I am the only one who truly CRAVES the funk and the majority of my pals just do not get it. So this morning I stumbled, half asleep, across your Funky Corners and I am wide awake, dancing and in love!!!!!! THANK YOU! Gotta go dance…to hard to sit and type with the music pumping!

  89. someone Says:

    from spain: that’s awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. trainstar Says:

    your collection is so extensive it disgusts me. You’re absolutely incredible. You’ve given us such an amazing gift! thanks soooo much larry!!

  91. Ben Says:

    Amazing selection, thanks so much!

  92. Automatic_drip Says:

    Thanks so much for your generous site. So much to explore!

  93. SKILL_4REAL Says:



  94. rinaldo Says:



  95. YellowBox Says:

    Looooooooove youuuuuuuuuu.

  96. Bader Groove Says:

    thanks, great work!!

    greetz from germany


  97. Jean-Pierre Says:

    j’apprécie énormément la musique et les efforts placés dans votre blogue. merci!

  98. fanst Says:

    many thanks !!

    et gloire à toi !!

  99. kool d(ua) Says:

    это просто нереально!!!!спасибо огромное!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. the_erroneous_monk Says:

    wow! thanks for the archive. i recently suffered a break in that left me without my laptop and entire music collection (vinyl safely in storage though…), and my fiancee and i had planned to use a lot of the beatles covers at our wedding this year. we were heartbroken to lose them, and overjoyed to find them again! cheers!

  101. Luis Echeverría Says:

    Wow Men!!!

    Awesome! thank you very much. From México City.

  102. bizy b Says:

    Sweet merciful crap!
    This page oughtta be declared a national treasure, and assigned at least a dozen funky armed guards! I mean my god man! there’s enough music and lore here to keep my ears and imagination busy for months and years to come! I am indebted to you sir. I will share your work with only the right people…i can only pray someone doesn’t effectively shut you down….Proper!

  103. Booga-Lou Says:

    WOW! 64 compilations and so many informations on the artists, all this for FREEEEEE! Great job man, your music is on my ipod now, but the best thing is that I have tons of articles to read on your blog on my preferred music style: soul.
    Thank you very much, hope to visit Washington DC one day and come to one of your parties! Ciao from Rome, Italy

  104. Luis Echeverría Says:

    men you make my day.

  105. GrooBeats SoundSystem Says:

    Hey!!! so great your blog, very awsome!!! where did you find all this music??? I’m a DJ and Im searching funk and soul music, can you recomended me a record store on line where can I find music???

    thanx so much for every this music.

  106. Christina Says:

    this is just great.. what a selection and compliation of info!!
    Check out in Helsinki, Finland

  107. bruno bm Says:

    your selections are the best, thank you and congratulations.

  108. susan piver Says:

    you have changed my life. best. music. podcast. ever. thank you for existing.

  109. Funky16Corners 2009 Pledge Drive b/w Funky16Corners Radio v.70 « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] in addition to all the standard graphics and individual sound files, there are now 79 mixes in the Funky16Corners Podcast Archive (more to come as I gather and post all the non-Funky16 mixes I’ve done for other sites) and […]

  110. Kathleen Seidel Says:

    Wow. What a gift!

    Thank you.

  111. Pete Says:

    Thanks! I’ve been picking these up for a year or so, off and on, and it’s been fabulous going back to get the ones I missed. A fair amount of this stuff I never even heard of, and I feel I’m being schooled by an expert. Much appreciated.

  112. Spaz Says:

    I thank you, my Ipod thanks you, and everyone I play these great tunes for thank you…..

  113. informer Says:

    thanks for all the great music, i mainly downloaded the funky stuff and some soul sisters so far. i own a lot of really good funk compilations but the stuff on your website and the others (Parkdale, Fleamarket) is a welcome addition. so many treasures to be found …..

    as a “reggaehead” may i advice some of the people who wrote here:

    look for the “Darker than blue” compilation on blood&fire.

    also check the producer Derrick Harriott who produced a lot of soul influenced reggae.

    this is only the tip of the iceberg, because in reggae there are so many soul covers (Curtis Mayfield for example) you can’t believe it. on the other hand jamaica was heavily influenced by the US RnB back in the golden days …

  114. giorgio Says:

    siete grandi!

  115. discoboy Says:


  116. Francisco Says:

    Hello, everybody, I’m testing.

  117. Francisco Says:

    Who speaks Portuguese here?

  118. barbara Says:

    Once again everything is good. I didn’t see any Van McCoy/starlighters or Van McCoy/Danleers. Songs such as It’s Twelve o clock, Mr. DJ ad I cried. Can you get those. Peace Out

  119. Julius Says:

    An amazing selection of music.

    Snapped me out of my House and Dubstep world and took me back to the 80s rare groove warehouse parties I loved so much.

    Thank you

  120. John Eskow Says:

    Absolutely incredible. I’ve been a collector of rare soul and funk for 40 years and you have opened my ears, mind and wallet to a whole new crop of artists. Thanks so much.

  121. Peter Says:

    I can´t believe what my ears are hearing. Thank you so much.
    Good work!

  122. Betsy Shepherd Says:

    Hey, I love your website. Thanks for posting all your compilations. I was wondering if you have any good Monk Higgins mp3s…can’t find anything on the web except his big hits. I want to invest in some Monk HIggins vinyl, which seems to be the only format available, but I don’t know what to get.
    Any suggestions?

  123. Jeroen van de Beek Says:

    Hi Larry,

    You are mentioned by Nick Hornby in this article:

    How ’bout that?!

  124. Paul Gallagher Says:


    Utterly amazing job you’ve done. A collection to kill for and your generous heart has shared it with the world. Thanks so much. Two I’ve been looking all over the place for with no luck, and I didn’t think they would be hard to find since they were relative hits are Howard Tate’s Ain’t Nobody Home and Look at Granny Run Run. Also on the obscure side, a killer piano trio out of Chicago named Fathers and Sons. Once again, great job.

  125. Willard Burton & the Pacifiers – Warm the Pot (Till It Gets Good and Hot) « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] Burton 45s I carry in my DJ box (the other being the excellent ‘Funky In Here’, included in Funky16Corners Radio v.12 Hammond Funk #1) I have never really been able to nail down much in the way of biographical information. I can say […]

  126. Funky16Corners Fifth Anniversary Celebration!! « Funky16Corners Says:

    […] cassette recorder), an enterprise that grew in diversity and sophistication to the point where the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast and Guest Mix archives now hold close to one hundred different mixes (as well as almost 30 more […]

  127. Jérôme Says:


    Thank you very much for such an amazing gift.
    Hours of great music, you’re a king.

    Respect !!!!!!

    Never stop sharing your passion

    A french guy who just found your gold mine

  128. T BASS WON Says:


  129. The Dude Says:

    Thank you so much for the great tunes! Absolutely FUNKY!

    Glad I stumbled upon this GEM!

  130. Bobby Screams Says:

    Wow! My journey now begins because you have lit the path of funk for me. Thank you very much.

  131. Poundcake Says:

    OMG i just found this site by accident. Talk about Kismet! Love it!

  132. maxmarx Says:

    Ottimo lavoro!!! La più interessante e completa raccolta di Funky e Soul che abbia mai avuto modo di sentire. Grazie per questo prezioso regalo.
    Un amico da Ravenna, Italia.

    Good job!!! The most interesting and complete Funky & Soul compilation I have ever heard. Thank you for this precious gift.
    A friend from Ravenna, Italy.

  133. Kaic Says:

    great Big Huge Thanks to Funky16Corners, my favorite site, long live, all the best, cheers.

  134. tormogen Says:

    Your site single-handedly justifies the existence of the internet. May you live to be a thousand years old.

  135. Copi Says:


    muchas gracias por compartir la mejor musica del mundo


  136. klemen klemen Says:

    Jo ninjas,thanx for funky ocean … and check this out … slovenian funk …
    and and enjoy … sLOVEnija … džija

  137. SKIP Says:



  138. k2 Says:

    Really enjoying the mixes, and it’s always nice to see a picture or two of my boy, Mr. Wayne Cochran. Never had to buy a drink when he performed — he did the pouring for our table!

  139. On free music and staying connected. « The Word Says:

    […] Funky16Corners has Great music, Soul-Sides a little better, but what Funky16Corners has is full audioblog episodes of soul/funk covers of Beatles songs, and I am obsessed with that band, to the point of dementia. actually, they have plenty of podcasts in their podcast archive. […]

  140. Joe Anderson Says:

    Hi Larry – I LOVE your blog and would like to download the zip files like I did last year, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it now. I want the zips because, of course, there are some songs that I want to keep and some that I don’t, and would like to make my own playlist. Can you tell me how to do this? Much thanks and appreciation.

  141. beatles radio Says:

    I think your blog is wonderful and I’m super digging the mixes. Thanks and keep it up! : )

  142. Funky16Corners Meets Dolemite! – (Old Funky Pepo) Special Mix – FunkyPepo Says:

    […] to be remedied. And so…it is. A brief stroll through the hallowed, marble-columned halls of the Funky16Corners Radio Podcast Archive will show that I dig making a mix with a conceptual underpinning, whether it be regional, temporal […]

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